Master Harness

Sku: 000038
Male BDSM harness made out of real leather, satisfies your dom-wishes.
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Impressive male BDSM harness, emphasises the leading role of master. Handmade in real leather, to satisfy your dom desires.

Harness Male outfit in genuine leather, completely handmade, to satisfy your dom desire.

Single tailored piece, made up of leather straps, linked each other by a central ring.

Other features:

Leather 3,8 mm thickness as main material. High strongness accessories.

Metallic hardware:

The hardware color will be at the discrection of the staff StilldoM, except different requests from the customer,

agreed and confirmed by the staff StilldoM.

Other requests:

In "other requests" can be inserted further customizations (ENGRAVING OF NAMES, REQUESTS OF OTHER ACCESSORIES ETC),

agreed and confirmed by the staff StilldoM; that could lead to a variation of price.

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