A well designed, elegant, chic trend line of expression, entirely dedicated to you. All accessories are made of genuine leather, coated in soft suedeskin that, along with the perfect stitching and the refining of shape, give our products elegance and sobriety.


At the centre of our collection Extreme: sex, fun and passion.

The articles are entirely in leather of about 4 mm thickness, the rugged accessories and the quality in assembly make this collection a delicacy for the extreme sadomaso lovers, its minimal style enhances the ruggedness and the elegance at the same time

Let's make your couple game an unique experience: indulge in our creations, we'll give you sublime erotic feelings.


Luxury... the highest expression of StilldoM, a perfect mix between eroticism and sophistication, dedicated to the lovers of pleasure and luxury.

Handicrafts made with attention to details, enriched by real jewels artfully embedded, giving space and life to a passionate and sensual style.

Together we will evaluate your requests, creating unique, luxurious pieces of high added value.