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Leather and Bodywear.


From the high craftworking experience Made in Italy and from the best leather selection comes the brand StilldoM Leather and Bodywear, synonym of luxury, elegance, transgression and sensuality.

A brand, unique of its kind, created to satify every taste and fantasy.

A sophisticated and designed style, dedicated to the lovers of trangression and luxury.

Designed by our craftsmen for you, in search for unique, sensual, dreamlike sensations.

Exclusive top quality, handmade and tailormade products, result of precise and meticolous working, that make you feel unique and sensual emotions and experiences.

Anonymous shipping with IdentPIN service on demand.

Dominatore o Slave

Roles game

Don't matter if you are a master or a slave, we have what you are looking for!




Different in style and materials


Three lines apparently similar but different from each other in the choice of materials and style:

Trend... for you, fashionable, trendy and who love to stand out.

Extreme... for you S & M lover.

Luxury... a beautiful combination of Trendy and Extreme line, embellished with diamond fully bound.

Pleasure products, modern and elegant, designed in ITALIA from master craftsmen, exclusive product Made in Italy.

Do you feel S & M? We have product for you!


Luxury Intention

The refined lines of precious materials blend with the scent of hide and leather.


Attention to detail begin with the design of the product and accompany us until delivery!

Anonymous shipments with IdentPIN service.

Stilldom Box